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Hypoglycemia: Quiz


Question 1: Hypoglycemia can produce a variety of symptoms and effects but the principal problems arise from an inadequate supply of glucose as fuel to the ________, resulting in impairment of function (neuroglycopenia).
DigestionSensory systemNervous systemBrain

Question 2: ________ should be elevated during hypoglycemia as it acts to inhibit insulin production and increase blood glucose level
SomatostatinCorticotropin-releasing hormoneVasopressinGonadotropin-releasing hormone

Question 3: ________ patients, especially in intensive care units or those prevented from eating, can suffer hypoglycemia from a variety of circumstances related to the care of their primary disease.
Health scienceHealth care providerHospitalHealth care system

Question 4: By far, the most common cause of severe hypoglycemia in this age range is insulin injected for ________.
Graves' diseaseDiabetes mellitus type 1Autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome type 1Autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome

Question 5: More treatment information can be found in the article ________.
Diabetic comaGestational diabetesDiabetes mellitusDiabetic hypoglycemia

Question 6: ________: should be elevated during hypoglycemia, except in the case of type 1 diabetes mellitus where irreparable damage is done to the cells which produce this counterregulatory hormone.
InsulinGlucagonVasopressinCorticotropin-releasing hormone

Question 7: ________: low levels suggest hypopituitarism or chronic malnutrition
Insulin-like growth factor 1Nerve growth factorInsulin-like growth factorInsulin-like growth factor 2

Question 8: Maternal hyperglycemia due to ________ or iatrogenic glucose administration
Diabetes mellitus type 1Diabetic retinopathyDiabetes mellitusDiabetic ketoacidosis

Question 9: Most healthy adults maintain ________ glucose levels above 70 mg/dL (3.9 mmol/L), and develop symptoms of hypoglycemia when the glucose falls below 55 mg/dL (3 mmol/L).
FastingEasterLiturgical yearJesus

Question 10: Perhaps the most common inadequacy of ________ care in cases of unexplained hypoglycemia is the failure to obtain at least a basic sample before giving glucose to reverse it.
Emergency medical servicesEmergency medicineEpinephrineEmergency department


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