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Hypoallergenic: Quiz


Question 1: People with severe allergies and ________ may still be affected by a hypoallergenic pet.
Hypersensitivity pneumonitisAsthmaAllergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosisFarmer's lung

Question 2: Hypoallergenic pets still produce ________, but because of their coat type or absence of fur or absence of a gene that produces a certain protein, typically produce fewer allergens than others of the same species.
Immune systemCell-mediated immunityAutoimmunityAllergen

Question 3: For ________ sufferers, a hypoallergenic pet might enable them to have a pet in their home, whereas most dogs, cats, rabbits, and other fur-bearing animals can make their lives miserable.
Graft-versus-host diseaseAnaphylaxisHypersensitivityAllergy

Question 4: ________ and Russian Blue are also believed by some to have such properties.
Cornish RexChartreuxDevon RexSiberian (cat)

Question 5: ________ and Poodle hybrids are commonly mistaken as being hypoallergenic, when in reality they are known to cause different forms of allergies, including bronchitis, as does any breed of dog.
Italian GreyhoundYorkshire TerrierPoodleShih Tzu

Question 6: The ________ horse has a uniquely textured coat that lacks the protein (present in all other horse fur) believed to be the source of allergic reactions to equines.
Horse breedingEquestrianismArabian horseCurly Horse

Question 7: Some ________ have been promoted as hypoallergenic because they do not shed their hair, shed very little, or have the same pH as human hair.
Guard dogDog breedAncient dog breedsCoat (dog)


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