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Question 1: A socially-constructed relationship is built depending on how much rapport has been established between the "hypnotist" and the subject (see ________, Pygmalion effect, and placebo effect).
LearningUncertainty principleMotivationHawthorne effect

Question 2: Soviet theories of hypnotism subsequently influenced the writings of Western behaviourally-oriented hypnotherapists such as ________.
Milton H. EricksonHypnosisHypnotherapyAndrew Salter

Question 3: Hypnotic susceptibility
Post-hypnotic suggestion
Age regression in therapy
John GrinderNeuro-linguistic programmingNLP and scienceMilton H. Erickson

Question 4: ________, in this context, may be regarded as an extension of Braid's original conceptualization of hypnosis[93] as involving a process of enhancing or depressing nervous system activity.
Niklas LuhmannSociologyTalcott ParsonsSystems theory

Question 5: Tsai in 1995[90] as part of his psychosomatic theory of ________.
SleepLucid dreamRapid eye movement sleepDream

Question 6: Systems theory considers the ________'s organization into interacting subsystems.
Intracranial pressureNervous systemSensory systemAlzheimer's disease

Question 7: In 1784, at the request of King Louis XVI, a series of French scientific committees, one of which included the American ambassador to France, ________, scrutinized Mesmer's theories.
Thomas MifflinJohn AdamsBenjamin FranklinThomas Jefferson

Question 8: Stage hypnotists are performers who traditionally, but not always, employ a variety of "________" strategies to mislead their audience for dramatic effect.
Magic (illusion)Sleight of handMicromagicCoin magic

Question 9: Hypnosis for IBS has received moderate support in the ________ guidance published for UK health services.
EnglandCity University LondonNational Institute for Health and Clinical ExcellenceWales

Question 10: The induction phase of hypnosis may also affect the activity in brain regions which control intention and process ________.
Process consultantConflictConflict resolutionOrganizational conflict

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