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Hypertrichosis: Quiz


Question 1: Plucking, electrology, ________, sugaring, threading are examples of epilation methods.
Skin whiteningCosmeticsL'OréalWaxing

Question 2: [3] Oral minoxidil treatments for ________ are known to cause this condition.
HypertensionAortic dissectionEssential hypertensionAtherosclerosis

Question 3: Congenital generalized hypertrichosis terminalis is thought to be caused by genetic changes on chromosome 17 resulting in the addition or removal of millions of ________.
Adenosine triphosphateAdenineAdenosine monophosphateNucleotide

Question 4: In 1826, John Crawford was leading a mission for the Governor-General of India through ________.

Question 5: [21] The gene ________ may be a factor contributing to this condition.
MAPK8Protein kinase N1ASK1MAP2K6

Question 6: [23] This condition is also linked to metabolic disorders, such as anorexia, hormone imbalances, such as ________, or as a side effect of certain drugs.
HashitoxicosisGraves' diseaseHyperthyroidismHypopituitarism

Question 7: [1] Hirsutism is a type of hypertrichosis exclusive to women and children, resulting from an excess of ________ sensitive hair growth.

Question 8: ________ is the most effective method of long-term hair removal.
Ruby laserLightAcne vulgarisLaser hair removal

Question 9: Some birth control pills and ________ reduce androgen levels.

Question 10: Trimming, ________, and depilatories are examples of depilation methods.
HairHair removalShavingBikini waxing

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