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Hyperthermia: Quiz


Question 1: Hyperthermia is an elevated body temperature due to failed ________.

Question 2: For example, in response to a bacterial or viral infection, the body will raise its temperature, much like raising the temperature setting on a ________.
Internal combustion engineMeasuring instrumentThermostatBuilding automation

Question 3: The heat-regulating mechanisms of the body eventually become overwhelmed and unable to effectively deal with the heat, causing the ________ to climb uncontrollably.
Normal human body temperatureFeverHypothermiaThermoregulation

Question 4: [8] ________ often presents following exposure to multiple drugs.
Alzheimer's diseaseHuntington's diseaseParkinson's diseaseSerotonin syndrome

Question 5: The frequency of environmental hyperthermia can vary significantly from year to year depending on factors such as ________.
Heat waveClimateMeteorologyRain

Question 6: ________ is a rare reaction to common anesthetic agents (such as halothane) or a reaction to the paralytic agent succinylcholine.
AngioedemaTumor lysis syndromeRhabdomyolysisMalignant hyperthermia

Question 7: ________ may be used to treat some kinds of cancer and other conditions, most commonly in conjunction with radiotherapy.
MetastasisHyperthermia therapyExperimental cancer treatmentChemotherapy

Question 8: ________ is a rare complication of some types of general anesthesia.
Tumor lysis syndromeRhabdomyolysisMalignant hyperthermiaAngioedema

Question 9: [8] Damage to the central nervous system, such as from a brain hemorrhage, ________, and other kinds of damage to the hypothalamus can also cause hyperthermia.
Status epilepticusTemporal lobe epilepsySeizureEpilepsy

Question 10: Hyperthermia occurs when the body produces or absorbs more ________ than it can dissipate.
HeatEnergyTemperatureInternal energy

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