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Question 1: The ________ were able to take a piece of hyperspace and fold it onto itself like a pocket and use it as a hiding place (anything inside the pocket is apparently almost invisible to sensors and the naked eye).
VorlonEarth Alliance (Babylon 5)Babylon 5 influencesBabylon 5

Question 2: In ________'s Technical Error (1950), an accident causes a man to be laterally reversed due to a brief encounter with "hyperspace".
The Last TheoremArthur C. Clarke2001: A Space Odyssey3001: The Final Odyssey

Question 3: In the Instrumentality of Mankind future history series by ________ (written in the 1950s and 1960s), FTL travel can be accomplished through a hyperspace known as Space2.
Chiang Kai-shekUnited StatesJohn F. KennedyCordwainer Smith

Question 4: A scientist on the Superluminal determines that while in hyperspace, ________ acts as a repellent force rather than as an attractive one.
Equivalence principleIntroduction to general relativityGravitationGeneral relativity

Question 5: Travel in hyperspace is frequently depicted as ________ travel in normal space.
General relativityQuantum mechanicsFaster-than-lightTime travel

Question 6: ________ by Madeline L'Engle (children's book)
An Acceptable TimeA Wind in the DoorA Wrinkle in TimeTime Quartet

Question 7: In the ________ series, the first civilization known to possess hyperdrives were the Progenitors.
Impossible CreaturesHomeworld 2HomeworldHomeworld: Cataclysm

Question 8: There are also similarities between the Hyperspace Drive of Star Wars and the ________ Drive of Star Trek Voyager.
Parallel universe (fiction)Slipstream (science fiction)Hyperspace (science fiction)Cyberpunk

Question 9: A more standard capital ship such as a ________ may clock in at class 2, and a civilian bulk freighter at class 4.
Death StarTIE fighterDarth VaderStar Destroyer

Question 10: Ancient hyperdrives use power from a ________.
Ancient technology in StargateTechnology in StargateGoa'uld characters in StargateAncient (Stargate)

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