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Hypergamy: Quiz


Question 1:
Hypergamy, Dunning–Kruger effect and Leadership are all:
Social psychology Interpersonal relationships Social inequality Reproduction

Question 2:
Hypergamy, Meme and Human nature are all:
Income distribution Population genetics Reproduction Evolutionary psychology

Question 3:
Hypergamy, Love and Adultery are all:
Population genetics Demographics Interpersonal relationships Love

Question 4:
Hypergamy, Oldest people and Population density are all:
Demographics Demography Interpersonal relationships Population genetics

Question 5:
Hypergamy, Sexual intercourse and Pregnancy are all:
Income distribution Reproduction Mating Love

Question 6:
Hypergamy, Gini coefficient and Minimum wage are all:
Mating Income distribution Demography Reproduction

Question 7:
Hypergamy, Hybrid (biology) and Inbreeding are all:
Mating systems Income distribution Love Population genetics

Question 8:
Hypergamy, Marriage and Cuckold are all:
Social inequality Income distribution Marriage Social psychology

Question 9: In comparison males tend to place higher emphasis on the value of ________ in a woman alone.
Physical attractivenessBeautyAestheticsCreativity

Question 10:
Hypergamy, Generation Y and Generation X are all:
Marriage Population genetics Demographics Mating systems

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