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Hyperconjugation: Quiz


Question 1: Mulliken observed that on adding alkyl groups to alkenes the spectra shifted to longer ________.
Electromagnetic radiationLightWavelengthDiffraction

Question 2: An instance where hyperconjugation may be overlooked as a possible chemical explanation is in rationalizing the rotational barrier of ________.

Question 3: Fernández and Frenking reported that the methyl, hydroxyl and ________ substituents resulted in a decrease in ΔEpi from the parent 2-propenal.

Question 4: Significant geminal repulsion is already expected because groups are separated by less than the combination of their ________ and there are no bonding interactions.
Van der Waals radiusCarbonHeliumOxygen

Question 5: The ________ for an ammonium ion indicates a positive charge on the nitrogen atom.
OxygenLewis structureNoble gasChemical bond

Question 6: He was also the first to attribute the lower heat of ________ for these substituted compounds (compared to those without substitution) to hyperconjugation.
HydrogenationOxygenCatalysisFatty acid

Question 7: For example, the single C–C bonds in ________ and methylacetylene are approximately 1.46 angstrom in length, much less than the value (1.54 angstrom) found in saturated hydrocarbons.

Question 8: The term was introduced in 1939 by ________[2] in the course of his work on UV spectroscopy of conjugated molecules.
Linus PaulingGlenn T. SeaborgRobert Burns WoodwardRobert S. Mulliken

Question 9: This bathochromic shift is well known in regular conjugated compounds such as ________.

Question 10: Gronert's Method for Evaluating ________, Cycloalkane, Alkene and Alkyl radical heats of formation:


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