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Question 1: High cholesterol levels are treated with diets low in cholesterol, ________, and rarely with other treatments including surgery (for particular severe subtypes).
Psychoactive drugAntidepressantDrugPharmaceutical drug

Question 2: [16][17] More recently, a ________ reported an almost identical relative risk reduction of 29.2% in low risk patients treated for 4.3 years.
Forest plotStatistical hypothesis testingEffect sizeMeta-analysis

Question 3: This may be related to diet, genetic factors (such as ________ mutations in familial hypercholesterolemia) and the presence of other diseases such as diabetes and an underactive thyroid.
Apolipoprotein A1LDL receptorLow density lipoprotein receptor gene familyApolipoprotein E

Question 4: According to various resources, ________ are the most commonly used and effective forms of medication for the treatment of high cholesterol.
StatinBile acid sequestrantHypolipidemic agentFibrate

Question 5: The American College of Physicians has addressed hypercholesterolemia in patients with ________.
Diabetes mellitusDiabetic retinopathyDiabetic ketoacidosisDiabetes mellitus type 1

Question 6: VLDL levels are reflected in the levels of ________ (generally about 45% of triglycerides is composed of VLDL).
CholesterolTriglycerideFatty acidLipid

Question 7: Elevated cholesterol in the blood is due to abnormalities in the levels of ________, the particles that carry cholesterol in the bloodstream.
Low-density lipoproteinLipoproteinHigh-density lipoproteinLipid

Question 8: In the UK, the ________ (NICE) has made recommendations for the treatment of elevated cholesterol levels, published in 2008.
National Institute for Health and Clinical ExcellenceWalesEnglandCity University London

Question 9: Consistent with previous studies, this study found that the majority of individuals (i.e., 54.9%) used CAM in conjunction with ________ (page 6).
MedicineSurgeryPhysicianSpecialty (medicine)

Question 10: It is closely related to the terms "hyperlipidemia" (elevated levels of ________) and "hyperlipoproteinemia" (elevated levels of lipoproteins).


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