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Question 1: Using multiple ignition sources (________)
Naturally-aspirated engineCarburetorSpark plugIgnition system

Question 2: At first they proposed using 100% glycol, but the improvement was not as great as expected due to the lower ________ of the glycol (about 2/3 that of an equal volume of water at 280 degrees)[3].
HydrogenSpecific heat capacityIronOxygen

Question 3: ________ was being introduced in place of steel as the quality and strength of aluminum alloys improved during the 1930s; this lowered engine weight noticeably, but not enough to achieve a 50% improvement.

Question 4: ________ British 24 cylinder, liquid-cooled H engine powerplant, actually used in Allied warplanes
Rolls-Royce MerlinNapier DaggerNapier SabreNapier Nomad

Question 5: They eventually determined that exhaust valves could run cooler when a hollow core filled with ________ is used - the sodium liquefies and considerably increases the transfer of heat from the valve's head to its stem.

Question 6: The engineers proposed using ________, which would allow much higher temperatures (around 280 degrees).
GlycerolEthylene glycolIsopropyl alcohol1,2-Dichloroethane

Question 7: This placed its performance on a par with newer experimental engines from Europe like the ________, at least when run on the higher-octane fuels the Army planned to use.
Rolls-Royce MerlinRolls-Royce GriffonRolls-Royce RRolls-Royce Crecy

Question 8: The USAAC funded development of an engine of about 1200 cubic inches (20 L), hoping the engine's smaller size would lead to better ________ and improved range.
ChicagoStreamlinerPioneer ZephyrAmtrak

Question 9: During the 1930s designers were looking to the future of ________ development, and the need for engines of about 1 hp/inĀ³ became an obvious target.
Two-stroke engineWankel engineFour-stroke engineReciprocating engine

Question 10: At the time a number of problems hampered this way forward, notably problems with the ________ used in most engines.
Four-stroke enginePoppet valveConnecting rodOil pump (internal combustion engine)


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