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Hyman G. Rickover: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (Jewish admiral of the United States Navy and the 25th Chief of Naval Operations)
Jeremy Michael BoordaGary RougheadFrank KelsoCarlisle Trost

Question 2: During his wartime service, as noted later in the January 11, 1954 ________ issue that featured him on its cover:[16]
NewsweekThe New YorkerTime (magazine)National Review

Question 3: The Man in Tempo 3 cover story on Rickover in ________ (January, 1954)
The New YorkerTime (magazine)NewsweekNational Review

Question 4: As quoted from Lehman's Command of the Seas, Rickover was unhappy with the course of events and held forth in a tirade against Lehman, with Secretary of Defense ________ in attendance, at the meeting with the President:
George P. ShultzGeorge H. W. BushElliot RichardsonCaspar Weinberger

Question 5: Subsequent to a ________, Admiral Rickover died at his home, located in Arlington, Virginia, on July 8, 1986.
Cerebral aneurysmSubarachnoid hemorrhageStrokeCerebral venous sinus thrombosis

Question 6: In recognition of his wartime service, he was made Honorary Commander of the Military Division of the Most Excellent ________.
Order of St Michael and St GeorgeOrder of the BathOrder of the British EmpireOrders, decorations, and medals of the United Kingdom

Question 7: the Golden Omega Award from the ________ (IEEE) (1959),
IEEE Computer SocietyInstitute of Electrical and Electronics EngineersIEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques SocietyIEEE Technical Activities Board

Question 8: During 1933, while at the Office of the Inspector of Naval Material in Philadelphia, ________, Rickover translated the book Das Unterseeboot (The Submarine), by World War I Admiral Hermann Bauer.
New JerseyConnecticutNorth CarolinaPennsylvania

Question 9: Following efforts by physicists Ross Gunn,[17] ________ and others in the Manhattan Project, he became an early convert to the idea of nuclear marine propulsion.
Global warming controversyNuclear powerPhilip AbelsonLuis Walter Alvarez

Question 10: By way of the intervention of a family friend, Sabath, himself a Czech Jewish immigrant, nominated Rickover for appointment to the ________.
United States Naval AcademyNaval Reserve Officer Training CorpsUnited States armed forcesUnited States Navy

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