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Question 1: Most famous among these was probably the assemblage called "Hydroida", but this group is apparently ________, united by plesiomorphic (ancestral) traits.
ParaphylyCladeCladisticsDNA barcoding

Question 2:
What phylum does Hydrozoa belong to?

Question 3: In addition, there exists a weird cnidarian ________, Polypodium hydriforme, which lives inside its host's cells.
ParasitismCatToxoplasmosisDirofilaria immitis

Question 4: Hydra may reproduce sexually, through the spawning of sperm (and thus insemination of eggs on the female body column), or through ________ (budding).
Asexual reproductionFungusMicroorganismPlant

Question 5: Where th hydrocaulus runs along the substrate it form a horizontal root-like ________ that anchors the colony to the ground.

Question 6: Mostly these are simple sensory nerve endings, but they also include statocysts and primitive light-sensitive ________.
Simple eyes in arthropodsStrepsipteraEyeArthropod

Question 7: Especially the presumed ________ distinctness of the Siphonophora is a major flaw that was corrected only recently.
EvolutionCladePhylogeneticsComputational phylogenetics

Question 8: Hydrozoans are related to jellyfish and corals and belong to the phylum ________.

Question 9: Hydrozoa (hydrozoans) are a ________ class of very small, predatory animals which can be solitary or colonial and which mostly live in saltwater.
Biological classificationTaxonomyMilitary taxonomyFolk taxonomy

Question 10: Hydra eat small crustaceans (such as brine shrimp), insect larvae, and ________ worms.

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