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Question 1: The hydroxyl ________ (OH) is called hydroxide; it is a diatomic ion with a single negative electronic charge.
Half cellIonLithium-ion batteryElectrolyte

Question 2: The neutral form of this group is a ________.
Hydroxyl radicalAntioxidantRadical (chemistry)Oxygen

Question 3: NASA reported on November 13, 2009 that the ________ probe revealed an ultraviolet emission spectrum consistent with hydroxyl presence.
Cassini–HuygensLunar Reconnaissance OrbiterLCROSSLunar Precursor Robotic Program

Question 4: In ________, hydroxyl is a compound containing an oxygen atom bound covalently with a hydrogen atom.
ElectrochemistryChemistryPeriodic tableInorganic chemistry

Question 5: Organic molecules containing a hydroxyl group are known as ________ (the simplest of which have the formula CnH2n+1 OH).

Question 6: In discussions of synthetic methods in organic chemistry the hydroxyl group (–OH) is referred to as a ________, when it is linked to a larger organic molecule.
AlkaneAlcoholEthyleneFunctional group


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