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Hydrolysis: Quiz


Question 1: The products for both hydrolyses are compounds with ________ groups.
Carboxylic acidEsterAlkaneAlcohol

Question 2: It is the hydrolysis of a triglyceride (fat) with an aqueous base such as ________ (NaOH).
Sodium hypochloriteSodium sulfateSodium carbonateSodium hydroxide

Question 3: Moreover, hydrolysis is an important process in plants and animals, the most significant example being ________ and storage.
Oxidative phosphorylationBioenergeticsAdenosine triphosphateBiology

Question 4: During the process, glycerol is formed, and the ________ react with the base, converting them to salts.
Fatty acidLipidButyric acidLinoleic acid

Question 5: Trivalent ions like Al3+ and Fe3+ are weak acids whose pKa is comparable to that of ________.
Acetic acidEthanolHydrogen peroxideOxygen

Question 6: Enzymes that hydrolyse glycosidic bonds are called "________" or "glycosidases".
Glycoside hydrolaseAmylaseAlpha-AmylaseBeta-galactosidase

Question 7: Deficiency of lactase in humans causes ________.
Coeliac diseaseSucrose intoleranceFructose malabsorptionLactose intolerance

Question 8: A specific case of the hydrolysis of an amide link is the hydrolysis of peptides to smaller fragments or ________.
L-DOPAAmino acidAmino acid synthesisMetabolism

Question 9: [1][2] It is the type of reaction that is used to break down certain ________, especially those made by step-growth polymerization.
PlasticPolymer chemistryPolymerNylon

Question 10: ________ can be linked together by glycosidic bonds, which can be cleaved by hydrolysis.


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