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Question 1: Since the 1960s rather complex ________ have been developed, facilitated by the availability of high speed computers.
Differential equationMathematical modelSocial sciencesMathematics

Question 2: These models are black box systems, using mathematical and statistical concepts to link a certain input (for instance ________) to the model output (for instance runoff).
Precipitation (meteorology)RainEarth rainfall climatologyClimate

Question 3: These estimates are important for engineers and ________ so that proper risk analysis can be performed to influence investment decisions in future infrastructure and to determine the yield reliability characteristics of water supply systems.
EconomicsKeynesian economicsFriedrich von HayekEconomist

Question 4: With adoption of a more scientific approach, ________ and Bernard Palissy independently reached an accurate representation of the hydrologic cycle.
Leonardo da VinciLeonardo da Vinci's personal lifeItalian Renaissance paintingMona Lisa

Question 5: Surface hydrology is the study of hydrologic processes that operate at or near ________'s surface.

Question 6: Typically, such models contain representations of surface runoff, subsurface flow, ________, and channel flow, but they can be far more complicated.
EvapotranspirationWaterPrecipitation (meteorology)Evaporation

Question 7: Assessing the impacts of natural and anthropogenic environmental change on ________.
Peak waterOverpopulationNatural environmentWater resources

Question 8: Aqueducts were built by the Greeks and ________, while the History of China shows they built irrigation and flood control works.
Roman RepublicAncient RomeClassical antiquityRoman Empire

Question 9: Designing ________ for water supply or hydroelectric power generation.
HydropowerWater turbineDam failureDam

Question 10: ________ - soil moisture
Coaxial cableReturn lossStanding wave ratioTime-domain reflectometer


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