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Hydrogenation: Quiz


Question 1: One such system for reduction of ________ consists of tert-butanol and potassium tert-butoxide and very high temperatures.

Question 2: The process typically constitutes the addition of pairs of hydrogen ________ to a molecule.

Question 3:
What type is thing is Hydrogenation?
NICTD station
Rifle / Dangerous Game

Question 4: Complete hydrogenation converts unsaturated ________ to saturated ones.
LipidFatty acidLinoleic acidButyric acid

Question 5: Oxygen can be partially hydrogenated to give ________, although this process has not been commercialized.
EthanolChlorhexidineAntisepticHydrogen peroxide

Question 6: In 1938, Otto Roelen described the ________ which involves the addition of both hydrogen and carbon monoxide to alkenes, giving aldehydes.

Question 7: ________ are required for the reaction to be usable; non-catalytic hydrogenation takes place only at very high temperatures.

Question 8: In the ________, reported in 1922 carbon monoxide, which is easily derived from coal, was hydrogenated to liquid fuels.
Fischer–Tropsch processSynthetic fuelBiofuelPetroleum

Question 9: In these cases, catalyst is added to a solution of reactant under an inert atmosphere in a ________.
Pressure vesselSteam engineBoiler explosionBoiler

Question 10: The reduction of nitrobenzene to ________ has been reported using fullerene , its mono-anion, atmospheric hydrogen and UV light [20].
Sulfuric acidAmmoniaAnilineAcetic acid


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