Hydrogen ion: Quiz

Question 1: ________: 1H+ (most correctly, the cation of protium)

Question 2: When hydrogen loses its electron, the following ________ can be formed:
Lithium-ion batteryHalf cellIonElectrolyte

Question 3: Hydrogen ________ are formed when additional electrons are acquired:
Half cellIonElectrolyteLithium-ion battery

Question 4: ________: general name referring to the negative ion of any hydrogen isotope

Question 5: In ________, a hydrogen atom in a molecule is often referred to simply as a proton.
BiochemistryOrganic chemistryInorganic chemistryPolymer chemistry

Question 6: In addition, the ions produced by the reaction of these cations with ________ as well as their hydrates are called hydrogen ions:
EarthOxygenWaterWater resources

Question 7: ________ ion: H3O+
AmmoniaHydrogenAcid dissociation constantHydronium

Question 8: Hydrogen ion is recommended by ________ as a general term for all ions of hydrogen and its isotopes.
PotassiumCarbonInternational Union of Pure and Applied ChemistryIUPAC nomenclature

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Hydrogen_ion)