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Hydrogen fluoride: Quiz


Question 1: In this approach, HF is oxidized in the presence of a ________ and the fluorine replaces C–H bonds with C–F bonds.

Question 2: Aqueous solutions of HF, called ________, are strongly corrosive.
Hydrochloric acidHydrofluoric acidSulfuric acidFluorine

Question 3: Elemental fluorine, F2, is prepared by ________ of a solution of HF and potassium bifluoride.
ElectrowinningHofmann voltameterElectrolysisElectrochemistry

Question 4: It is the principal industrial source of ________, often in the aqueous form as hydrofluoric acid, and thus is the precursor to many important compounds including pharmaceuticals and polymers (e.g.

Question 5: This theme is developed in the article on ________.
Hydrofluoric acidFluorineHydrochloric acidSulfuric acid

Question 6: HF serves as a catalyst in ________ processes in oil refineries.
Oil refineryAlcoholAlkylationGasoline

Question 7: Upon contact with moisture, including tissue, hydrogen fluoride immediately converts to ________, which is highly corrosive and toxic, and requires immediate medical attention.
Sulfuric acidHydrochloric acidFluorineHydrofluoric acid

Question 8: A component of high-octane gasoline called "alkylate" is generated in Alkylation units that combine C3 and C4 olefins and isobutane to generate ________.
Filling stationDiesel fuelGasolineInternal combustion engine

Question 9: Anhydrous hydrogen fluoride is an extremely strong acid (H0 ~ −11), comparable in strength to anhydrous ________ (H0 ~ −12).
Hydrochloric acidAcetic acidSulfuric acidAmmonia

Question 10: Hydrogen fluoride is a ________ with the formula HF.
ChemistryChemical compoundElectrochemistryInorganic chemistry


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