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Question 1: As practiced at ________, formamide is heated and split into hydrogen cyanide and water:

Question 2:
What is Hydrogen cyanide also known as?
formic anammonide
Methyl n-amyl ketone

Question 3:
What is the chemical name of Hydrogen cyanide (IUPAC)
Chromate, diaminetetrakis-
dihydrogen dioxide

Question 4: Hydrogen cyanide (with the historical common name of Prussic acid) is a ________ with chemical formula HCN.
Inorganic chemistryElectrochemistryChemical compoundChemistry

Question 5: This reaction is akin to steam reforming, the reaction of ________ and water to give carbon monoxide and hydrogen.

Question 6: Many of these pits contain small amounts of cyanohydrins such as mandelonitrile and ________, which slowly release hydrogen cyanide.

Question 7: Some ________ release hydrogen cyanide as a defense mechanism,[10] as do certain insects such as some burnet moths.

Question 8: A minor tautomer of HCN is HNC, ________.
Hydrogen cyanideHydrogen chlorideHydrogen bromideHydrogen isocyanide

Question 9: So-called "bitter" roots of the ________ plant may contain up to 1 gram of HCN per kilogram.
CassavaSweet potatoPhilippinesMaize

Question 10: The toxicity is caused by the cyanide ion, which halts ________ by inhibiting an enzyme in mitochondria called cytochrome c oxidase.
Cellular respirationProteinMetabolismGlycolysis


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