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Hydrocarbon: Quiz


Question 1: Hydrocarbons are one of the Earth's most important ________.
Energy and societyPeak oilEnergy crisisEnergy development

Question 2: Extracted hydrocarbons in a liquid form are referred to as petroleum (literally "rock oil") or ________, whereas hydrocarbons in a gaseous form are referred to as natural gas.
BeeswaxPetroleum jellyWaxMineral oil

Question 3: The predominant use of hydrocarbons is as a combustible ________ source.

Question 4: Hydrocarbons are mined from tar sands and oil shale, and potentially extracted from sedimentary ________.
EarthClathrate hydrateClathrate gun hypothesisMethane clathrate

Question 5: methane and propane), ________ (e.g.
SolidLiquidSupercritical fluidColloid

Question 6: Hydrocarbons are economically important because major fossil fuels such as ________, petroleum and natural gas, and its derivatives such as plastics, paraffin, waxes, solvents and oils are hydrocarbons.
Grid energy storageWind powerHydroelectricityCoal

Question 7: They are collected and widely utilized as roofing compounds, pavement composition, wood preservatives (the ________ series) and as extremely high viscosity sheer-resisting liquids.
Coal tarPhenolCresolCreosote

Question 8: ________ [6C] is also a widely used non-polar, non-aromatic solvent, as well as a significant fraction of common gasoline.

Question 9: paraffin wax and ________) or polymers (e.g.

Question 10: [9] Those containing triple bonds are called ________, with general formula CnH2n-2.


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