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Hydro-Québec: Quiz


Question 1: The division operates an off-grid hydroelectric dam serving communities on the Lower North Shore and 23 small diesel power plants in the Magdalen Islands, in Haute-Mauricie and in ________.
Kativik, QuebecKativik Regional GovernmentNord-du-QuébecNunavik

Question 2: In November 1973, the Crees got a preliminary injunction that temporarily stopped the construction of the basic ________ needed to build the dams, forcing the Bourassa government to negotiate with them.
Civil engineeringCanalInfrastructureRoad

Question 3: The election of ________—a supporter of renewable energy, greenhouse gas emissions trading and the development of electric cars—as president of the United States in 2008 was seen as a positive development for the company's outlook.
2008 Democratic National ConventionJohn EdwardsBarack Obama2004 Democratic National Convention

Question 4: In 1990, the company signed a 328-megawatt deal with a group of 13 electric distributors in ________.
MaineNew HampshireMassachusettsVermont

Question 5: Launched in the months following the failure of the ________ and the Oka Crisis, the campaign prompted a coalition of Quebec-based environmental groups to dissociate themselves from the Cree campaign.
Charlottetown AccordMeech Lake AccordVictoria CharterCalgary Declaration

Question 6: Two weeks after the New Brunswick announcement, Charest announced the start of formal discussions with the government of ________, on November 13, 2009.
Prince Edward IslandCanadaNewfoundland and LabradorNova Scotia

Question 7: Other construction projects started in the ________ era included a second upgrade of the Beauharnois project and the construction of the Carillon generating station on the Ottawa River.
Adélard GodboutLouis-Alexandre TaschereauMaurice DuplessisAntonio Barrette

Question 8: The population of migratory species of interest such as the ________ have even increased to the point where the hunt has been expanded.
MooseMountain goatReindeerElk

Question 9: [123] IREQ operates on an annual research budget of approximately C$ 100 million[2] and specializes in the areas of high voltage, ________ and thermomechanics, network simulations and calibration.
Schrödinger equationMechanicsIntroduction to quantum mechanicsQuantum mechanics

Question 10: Another major environmental concern relates to the population of areas affected by hydroelectric development, specifically the Innu of the North Shore and the ________ and Inuit in Northern Quebec.
Ermineskin Cree NationFrog Lake, AlbertaEnoch Cree NationCree

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