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Hydraulic machinery: Quiz


Question 1: In this type of machine, high-pressure liquid — called hydraulic fluid — is transmitted throughout the machine to various hydraulic motors and ________.
Hydraulic cylinderHydraulic pressHydraulic machineryHydraulic manifold

Question 2: ________ seals, tubes are connected with fittings that are swaged permanently in place.
ForgingDrawing (manufacturing)Rolling (metalworking)Swaging

Question 3: O-ring boss, the fitting is screwed into a boss and orientated as needed, an additional nut tightens the fitting, washer and ________ in place.
Ozone crackingO-ringCarbon nanotubeElastomer

Question 4: Blockage of the filter will cause ________ and possibly failure of the pump.
SonoluminescenceFluid dynamicsCavitationWater tunnel (hydrodynamic)

Question 5: Hydraulic hoses generally have steel fittings ________ on the ends.
ForgingSwagingRolling (metalworking)Drawing (manufacturing)

Question 6: Black pipe is non-galvanized and suitable for ________.
Gas metal arc weldingArc weldingGas tungsten arc weldingWelding

Question 7: In addition to transferring energy, hydraulic fluid needs to lubricate components, suspend contaminants and metal filings for transport to the filter, and to function well to several hundred degrees Fahrenheit or ________.
CelsiusPascal (unit)KelvinJoule

Question 8: In general, valves, cylinders and ________ have female threaded bosses for the fluid connection, and hoses have female ends with captive nuts.
Gas compressorBernoulli's principlePumpTurbine

Question 9: Pneumatics, on the other side, is based on the use of a ________ as the medium for power transmission, generation and control.
TemperatureThermodynamic temperatureSpecific heat capacityGas


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