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Hydraulic fluid: Quiz


Question 1: Brake fluid is a subtype of hydraulic fluid with high ________, both when new (specified by the equilibrium boiling point) and after absorption of water vapor (specified by wet boiling point).
Phase transitionBoiling pointMelting pointCritical point (thermodynamics)

Question 2: farm tractors and marine dredging) may benefit from using biodegradable hydraulic fluids based upon rapeseed (________) vegetable oil when there is the risk of an oil spill from a ruptured oil line.
CanolaSoybeanPalm oilLard

Question 3: BMS 3-11: Skydrol 500B-4, Skydrol LD-4, Skydrol 5 and ________ HyJetIV-A plus – Typically light purple, not compatible with petroleum-based fluids, will not support combustion.
ExxonMobilStandard OilExxonHumble Oil

Question 4: The original hydraulic fluid, dating back to the time of ________, was water.
Ptolemaic KingdomAlexander the GreatNew KingdomAncient Egypt

Question 5: ________, like DEHP, and adipates, like bis(2-ethylhexyl) adipate), polyalkylene glycols (PAG), phosphate esters (e.g.
PhthalatePlasticPolychlorinated biphenylBisphenol A

Question 6: Hydraulic fluids, also called hydraulic liquids, are the medium by which power is transferred in ________.
Hydraulic machineryHydraulic pumpHydraulic cylinderHydraulics

Question 7: Beginning in the 1920s, mineral oil began to be used more than water as a base stock due to its inherent lubrication properties and ability to be used at temperatures above the ________ of water.
Melting pointPhase transitionBoiling pointCritical point (thermodynamics)

Question 8: Low ________ (high bulk modulus)
Bernoulli's principleCompressibilityIdeal gasAerodynamics

Question 9: Common hydraulic fluids are based on ________ or water.
BeeswaxPetroleum jellyWaxMineral oil

Question 10: Hydraulic systems like the ones mentioned above will work most efficiently if the hydraulic fluid used has low ________.
Bernoulli's principleAerodynamicsCompressibilityIdeal gas

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