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Hydrate: Quiz


Question 1: The chemically bound water is used up by endothermic reactions when exposed to the heat of a ________.

Question 2: Another example is ________, CCl3–CH(OH)2, which can be formed by reaction of water with chloral, CCl3–CH=O.
PropofolMirtazapineZopicloneChloral hydrate

Question 3: Generally, in ________ and refractories, inorganic binders are often deprived of water during manufacture.
Structural engineeringConstructionBuilding services engineeringCivil engineering

Question 4: ________ are clathrate hydrates (a class of solid hydrates of gases): water ice with gas molecules trapped within.
OxygenHydrogenClathrate hydrateEarth

Question 5: For example, ________, CH3–CH2–OH, can be considered as a hydrate of ethylene, CH2=CH2, formed by the addition of H to one C and OH to the other C.
FlumazenilAlcoholic beverageEthanol1,4-Butanediol

Question 6: For instance, both in ________ and gypsum products, heat is applied to the raw materials.
ConcreteCementFly ashPortland cement

Question 7: And ________ is often sold as “methyl hydrate”, implying an incorrect formula CH3OH2, although the correct formula is CH3–OH.
MethanolPropan-1-olIsopropyl alcoholAcetic acid

Question 8: Hydrate is a term used in ________ and organic chemistry to indicate that a substance contains water.
Inorganic chemistryPeriodic tableNitrogenElectrochemistry

Question 9: Avoiding premature drying is important to all other cementitious building products, particularly spray ________ and firestop mortars, where the slightest cracking can lead to rejection.
Fire-resistance ratingFireproofingPassive fire protectionCircuit integrity

Question 10: A molecule of water may be eliminated, for example by the action of ________.
Sulfuric acidHydrochloric acidAcetic acidAmmonia


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