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Question 1:
What classis does Hydra (genus) belong to?

Question 2:
What genus does Hydra (genus) belong to?
Petradoria pumila

Question 3: Hydras mainly feed on small aquatic invertebrates such as ________ and Cyclops.

Question 4:
What is the subphylum of Hydra (genus)?

Question 5:
What is the genus authority of Hydra (genus)?
Ettl, 1960
Linnaeus, 1758

Question 6: Biologists are especially interested in hydras due to their regenerative ability and because they appear to undergo ________ (aging) very slowly, if at all.
DNASenescenceAntioxidantDNA repair

Question 7: They are usually a few millimeters long and are best studied with a ________.
EudiometerMicroscopeCuvetteAgar plate

Question 8: Hydra does not have a recognizable ________ or true muscles.
Nervous systemBrainSensory systemDigestion

Question 9: Hydras are ________ and may produce both testes and an ovary at the same time.
SpeciesHermaphroditeSexual differentiationIntersexuality

Question 10: Many members of the ________ go through a body change from a polyp to an adult form called a medusa.

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