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Question 1: The people, headed by Jan Žižka, threw the burgomaster and several town-councillors, who had instigated this outrage, from the windows and into the street (the first "________"), where they were killed by the fall.
Defenestrations of PragueThirty Years' WarBohemiaHussite Wars

Question 2: In 1433, a Hussite army of 7000 fighting men marched through Neumark into Prussia and captured ________ on the Vistula River.
Turze, Pomeranian VoivodeshipGmina TczewTczewBałdowo

Question 3: Because of this, Jan Žižka arranged for the crown of Bohemia to be offered to ________, the King of Poland, who, under pressure from his own advisors, refused it.
JogailaSigismund III VasaAlexander JagiellonWładysław IV Vasa

Question 4: The citizens of Prague laid siege to the Vyšehrad (see Battle of Vyšehrad), and towards the end of October (1420) the garrison was on the point of capitulating through ________.
Food securityMalnutritionFamineOverpopulation

Question 5: He was a governor sent by ________ Vytautas, who accepted the Hussite proposal to be their new king.
Grand Duchy of LithuaniaGolden HordeKhmelnytsky UprisingHistory of Ukraine

Question 6: Throughout the Hussite Wars, especially under the leadership of Prokop the Great, invasions were made into Silesia, Saxony, ________, Lusatia, and Meissen.

Question 7: Negotiations for this purpose were to take place at the ecumenical council which had been summoned to meet at ________ on 3 March 1431.
St. GallenZürichBernBasel

Question 8: ________ (B, ~1369–1415)
PragueCatholic ChurchJan HusHussite

Question 9: On 5 July 1436 the compacts were formally accepted and signed at ________ (Iglau), in Moravia, by King Sigismund, by the Hussite delegates, and by the representatives of the Roman Catholic Church.
Luka nad JihlavouPolnáJihlavaTelč

Question 10: ________ (E, 1320–1384)
Catholic ChurchJohn WycliffeThomas AquinasProtestant Reformation

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