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Question 1: The ________ emperors hired Hungarian hussars as mercenaries to serve against the Ottoman Empire and on various battlefields throughout Europe.
House of BourbonHouse of HabsburgHouse of BonaparteHohenzollern-Sigmaringen

Question 2: These light hussars were ideal for ________ and raiding sources of fodder and provisions in advance of the army.
United States Marine Corps Force ReconnaissanceUnited States Marine Air-Ground Task Force ReconnaissanceSpecial reconnaissanceReconnaissance

Question 3: [2] A separate type of cavalry were the heavy hussars of the ________.
PolandPolish–Lithuanian CommonwealthHigh Middle AgesEarly Middle Ages

Question 4: After regaining independence, the new ________ raised two hussar regiments (nrs.
Netherlands Marine CorpsM2 Browning machine gunRoyal Netherlands ArmyRoyal Netherlands Navy

Question 5: ________ relied on its native cossacks to provide irregular light horse until 1741.
Russian cultureRussiaUnited StatesMoscow

Question 6: ________ disbanded its first hussars in 1747 and then raised a new unit, the Españoles Hussar Regiment in 1795.

Question 7: Over the course of the 1500s hussars in ________ had become heavier in character: they had abandoned wooden shields and adopted plate metal body armour.

Question 8: [5] Many scholars believe the word originated in Serbian[6] as 'Husar', derived from the ________ root 'cursus' meaning 'raid'.
LatinOld LatinRoman EmpireVulgar Latin

Question 9: The hussars played a prominent role as cavalry in the ________ (1796-1815).
First French EmpireGrande ArméeNapoleonic WarsNapoleon I

Question 10: Until the 1600s it included a cavalry sabre, lance, long wooden shield and, optionally, light metal ________ or simple leather vest.
Plate armourMail (armour)CuirassArmour

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