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Question 1: After graduating from high school he spent a few months in the ________ in the tabligh effort.
AfricaSouth AsiaIndian subcontinentAsia

Question 2: He then left for the deserts of ________ where he spent time studying the Islamic sciences under the scholars of that region.
Côte d'IvoireNigerMauritaniaSenegal

Question 3: Husain Kadodia (Arabic: حسين كادودية‎) is a scholar and teacher of ________ based in South Africa.
FiqhIslamic ethicsShariaIslamic schools and branches

Question 4: In addition to Mauritania, he also spent time studying in ________ among other countries.

Question 5: He successfully completed the Takhassus fi' al-Ifta course which culminated in his answering of approximately 1,500 ________.

Question 6: At present, he conducts research in ________ and teaches Ifta students of Madrasah Ina’amiyyah in Camperdown, South Africa.
FiqhIslamic ethicsShariaIslamic schools and branches

Question 7: Husain Kadodia was born in ________ to a household known for its commitment to Islam.
MauritiusSierra LeoneCanadaSouth Africa

Question 8: One of those teachers was the Shaykh al-Hadith (senior hadith lecturer) of the Madrasah, Shaykh Fadhl al-Rahman A’zami, who is also his spiritual guide (shaykh) in the science of tasawwuf (________).
TariqahMoinuddin ChishtiSufismDhikr

Question 9: He has traveled extensively in the ________ as well as the Indian Subcontinent in order to obtain rare and valuable manuscripts.
AlgeriaSyriaArab WorldSomalia

Question 10: Kadodia has also completed a course in the study of Islamic ________.
PapyrusManuscriptBookManuscript culture


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