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Huntington's disease: Quiz


Question 1: [58] He specifically noted that in Setesdalen, a secluded area in ________, there was a high prevalence of dementia associated with a pattern of jerking movement disorders that ran in families.
GermanyPolandNorwayUnited States

Question 2: [25] Inclusion bodies have been found in both the ________ and cytoplasm.
Endomembrane systemMitochondrionCell nucleusCell (biology)

Question 3: [6] Cognitive problems tend to worsen over time, ultimately leading to ________.
Alzheimer's diseaseHuntington's diseaseDementiaParkinson's disease

Question 4: [17] Identical ________, who have inherited the same affected gene, typically have differing ages of onset and symptoms.
TwinChimera (genetics)Monochorionic twinsMonoamniotic twins

Question 5: ________ produced using in vitro fertilisation may be genetically tested for HD using preimplantation genetic diagnosis.
Prenatal developmentEmbryoEmbryogenesisFetus

Question 6: Unknowingly, Huntington described the exact pattern of inheritance of autosomal dominant disease years before the rediscovery of ________.
Mendelian inheritanceEvolutionGeneGenetics

Question 7: A ________, sometimes combined with a psychological examination, can determine whether the onset of the disease has begun.
Jugular venous pressureRespiratory soundsPhysical examinationAnkle brachial pressure index

Question 8: [52][54] Some of these carriers have been traced back hundreds of years using ________ studies.
MatrilinealityFamily nameFamily treeGenealogy

Question 9: Modelling the disease in various types of animals, such as the ________ mouse developed in 1996, enabled larger scale experiments.
Genetically modified organismEvolutionGenetic engineeringGenetically modified food

Question 10: As these animals have faster ________ and much shorter lifespans than humans, results from experiments are received sooner, speeding research.
MetabolismLipid metabolismAmino acid3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA lyase

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