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Question 1: The practice of lion-baiting also occurred as late as the ________ in England, using Old English Bulldogs and Staffordshire Bull Terriers[2].
Eugène DelacroixRomanticism19th century18th century

Question 2: [9] Dog breeds used specifically against the wolf are large sighthounds (Irish Wolfhound, ________), rather than molosser mixes such as the panther dog.
BeagleBorzoiAfghan HoundItalian Greyhound

Question 3: The Bloodhound - Mastiff cross is the basis for the Fila Brasileiro, a guardian dog of ________.
East TimorBrazilMozambiquePortugal

Question 4: Note that the panther dog should not be confused with the "canis panther" dog, a crossbreed created in the ________.

Question 5: Hunting Dogs (Felids) refers to those few Hunting ________ which are used primarily on large felids (members of the Cat Family), typically lions in the Old World and cougars in the New World.
Coat (dog)DogDog breedDog health

Question 6: Aaron Hall, the "Lion Hunter of the Juniata", slayer of fifty panthers in ________ between 1845 and 1869, bred a race of panther dogs.
New JerseyConnecticutPennsylvaniaNorth Carolina

Question 7: Small ________ are said to be best for this purpose, though many prefer the ordinary whippet or "fice".
PugEnglish MastiffBulldogFrench Bulldog

Question 8: The panther dog of ________ is an American extinct crossbreed dog developed in the 1800s to hunt cougars, for which “panther” was a colloquial name.
North CarolinaConnecticutNew JerseyPennsylvania

Question 9: They were part bulldog, part ________, part Newfoundland, and part mastiff.
Basset HoundBorzoiBloodhoundBeagle

Question 10: Because of this dual function, such dogs are often among the largest of all ________, and typically are of essentially Molosser type.
English Springer SpanielGun dogEnglish SetterHunting dog


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