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Question 1: It contains flashbacks of Pakunoda's (played by Ikeda Yukiko) memories and experiences with the Spiders, including Kurapika's capture of ________ (played by Konishi Hiroki).
HisokaGon FreecssChrollo LucilferNen (fiction)

Question 2:
Who of the following was a direct of Hunter Hunter?

Question 3:
What network screens Hunter Hunter?
Animax, Fuji Television

Question 4:
What type is thing is Hunter Hunter?
Adult Female/Closed Category

Question 5:
Which of the following genres does Hunter Hunter produce?

Question 6:

Question 7: ________, Leorio, a number of Phantom Troupe members, and all Nostrade bodyguards are absent from the plotline.
HisokaNen (fiction)Chrollo LucilferKurapika

Question 8:
What company publishes Hunter Hunter?
Akita Shoten, Kodansha, Shogakukan, Shueisha
Shueisha, Kodansha
Shueisha, Holp Shuppan

Question 9: The manga series was adapted into an anime produced by ________, along three OVAs as well.
Toei AnimationAnimaxTMS EntertainmentNippon Animation

Question 10: It is a darker retelling of the kidnapping in the ________ Story Arc.
Chrollo LucilferList of Hunter × Hunter episodesHunter × HunterList of Hunter x Hunter characters

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