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Hunt seat: Quiz


Question 1: Hunt seat competition in ________ includes both flat and over fences for show hunters, which judge the horse's movement and form, and equitation classes, which judge the rider's ability both on the flat and over fences.
South AmericaNorth AmericaAmericas (terminology)Americas

Question 2: Along with ________, it is one of the two classic forms of English riding.
EquestrianismLipizzanDressageSpanish Riding School

Question 3: The rider supports his or her body using leg and ________, keeping the heels down, closing the hip angle, and lifting the buttocks out of the saddle while keeping the head and shoulders up.
StirrupCowboyEquestrianismHorse tack

Question 4: Hunter seat competitions in general are divided into three general ________ categories, hunters, equitation, and jumpers.
Horse showEnglish ridingArabian horseEquestrianism

Question 5: These activities are all differentiated from ________ riding, which is a discipline developed for high-action show horses that are not intended to be shown over fences.
EquitationArabian horseEquestrianismSaddle seat

Question 6: While hunt seat showing is not an Olympic discipline, many ________ competitors began by riding in the hunter divisions, before moving into the jumper divisions.
English ridingEventingEquestrianismShow jumping

Question 7: ________ as a group are judged on manners, way of going, and conformation.
Show hunterThoroughbredHorseEquestrianism

Question 8: The Hunt seat is based on the tradition of ________.
United KingdomFox hunting legislationFox huntingRed Fox

Question 9: ________ may have a more crouched position, usually with the heel slightly more forward while riding cross-country, to provide more security as they ride over varying terrain at a fast gallop.
Show jumpingDressageEquestrianismEventing

Question 10: The rider is usually required to wear an ASTM/SEI-approved ________ with safety harness fastened.
Equestrian helmetHorseHorse showEquestrianism


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