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Question 1:
When was Hungary established?
December, 1920
December 1000
December, 1864
December 2007

Question 2: Today, Hungary is a full member of ________ and the World Trade Organization.
ItalyOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and DevelopmentNATOUnited Kingdom

Question 3: Géza chose his first-born son (Vajk the later King ________) to be his successor.
Kingdom of HungaryHistory of HungaryStephen I of HungaryÁrpád dynasty

Question 4: Hungary's signing of the ________ on June 4, 1920, ratified the country's dismemberment.
Treaty of TrianonTreaty of Neuilly-sur-SeineWorld War ITreaty of Versailles

Question 5: What does the following picture show?

  Budapest, Opera House
  Western conquests of Matthias Corvinus
  Lánchíd bridge in Budapest.
  Motorways in Hungary

Question 6: Hungary has continued to demonstrate ________ as one of the newest member countries of the European Union (since 2004).
Economic growthEconomic inequalityEconomicsAustrian School

Question 7: Hunyadi defended the city against the onslaught of the Ottoman Sultan ________.
Suleiman the MagnificentMehmed IIMurad IIOttoman Empire

Question 8: 1 Provisionally referred to by the Council of Europe as the "former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia"; see ________.
GreeceMacedonia naming disputeCyprusSerbia

Question 9: Hungarian ________ - a mid-19th century mixture of the best Arab and English race horse characteristics.
Arabian horseThoroughbredHorse breedingEquestrianism

Question 10:
What is the capital of Hungary?

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