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Question 1: This is the Hungarian consonantal system using symbols from the ________ (IPA).
International Phonetic AlphabetVelar nasalVoiceless alveolar fricativeX-SAMPA

Question 2: /h/ may become [ɦ] between two ________ (e.g.
Close-mid back rounded vowelClose back rounded vowelVowelClose front unrounded vowel

Question 3: Hungarian has seven pairs of corresponding short and ________.
GeminationVowel lengthChronemeTone (linguistics)

Question 4: A few words which contain /i/, /iː/ and, rarely, /eː/ are counted as back-vowel words because in ________, the words contained the /ɨ/ phoneme in their place.
Hungarian cuisineHungaryHungarian Air ForceOld Hungarian script

Question 5: Hungarian is notable for its process of ________.
Vowel harmonyPalatalizationTone (linguistics)Epenthesis


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