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Question 1: Hungarian words for the points of the compass are directly derived from times of ________.
Islamic calendarDayCalendarGregorian calendar

Question 2: Hungarian is the official language of Hungary, and thus an official language of the ________.
European UnionGermanyDenmarkEuropean Parliament

Question 3:
What family does Hungarian language belong to?

Question 4: Hungarian is mainly spoken in ________ and by the Hungarian communities in the seven neighbouring countries.

Question 5: Before the 20th century, not only was it common to reverse the order of foreign personalities, they were also "Hungarianized": Goethe János Farkas (originally ________).
Friedrich Daniel Ernst SchleiermacherRichard WagnerJohann Wolfgang von GoetheRomanticism

Question 6: The ________ later, especially between the 5th and the 9th centuries, had a great influence on the language.
Altaic languagesMongolic languagesUralic languagesTurkic languages

Question 7: When Stephen I of Hungary established the ________ in the year 1000, the old system was gradually discarded in favour of the Latin alphabet.
Srijem CountyKingdom of HungaryAdministrative divisions of the Kingdom of HungaryHistory of Hungary

Question 8:
Which of the following titles did Hungarian language have?
Cleveland Browns first round draft pick
Origin of word roots in Hungarian
The Prelude
Hell Looks a Lot Like L.A.

Question 9: About 2.5 million speakers live outside present-day Hungary, but in areas that were part of the ________ before the Treaty of Trianon (1920).
Administrative divisions of the Kingdom of HungaryKingdom of HungaryHistory of HungarySrijem County

Question 10: Hungary is in the Northern Hemisphere, so its vocabulary corresponds to the ________'s appearances there.
Solar SystemStarSunEarth

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