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Question 1: After the Hungarian Army's surrender at Világos in 1849, the Hungarian revolutionary banners were taken to ________ by the victorious Tsarist troops.
United StatesRussiaRussian cultureMoscow

Question 2: The Hungarian Revolution of 1848 was one of many revolutions that year and closely linked to other ________.
Revolutions of 1848 in the German statesAustrian EmpireFrankfurt ParliamentRevolutions of 1848 in the Habsburg areas

Question 3: He then traveled through ________ and Turin, Italy.
Turkish peopleIstanbulAnkaraİzmir

Question 4: ________ - famous journalist at the time - emerged as leader of the lower gentry in the Parliament.
Gyula AndrássyBertalan SzemereLajos KossuthLajos Batthyány

Question 5: The revolution in the ________ grew into a war for independence from Habsburg rule.
Administrative divisions of the Kingdom of HungaryHistory of HungaryKingdom of HungarySrijem County

Question 6: uring the ________ and afterwards, the Hungarian Diet had not convened for decades.
Napoleon IFirst French EmpireGrande ArméeNapoleonic Wars

Question 7: Many reformers (like ________, Mihály Táncsics) were imprisoned by the authorities.
Bertalan SzemereLajos BatthyányGyula AndrássyLajos Kossuth

Question 8: In the US he was most warmly received by the general public as well as the Secretary of State ________, leading to tensions in US-Austrian relations, and a county in Iowa was named after him.
John C. CalhounJohn Quincy AdamsEdward EverettDaniel Webster


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