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Hungarian Jews: Quiz


Question 1: The revolt of the ________, under Francis II Rákóczi, caused much suffering to the Hungarian Jews.
KošiceImre ThökölyHungaryKuruc

Question 2: The Mongol invasion in 1241 seemed to conform to expectation, as Jewish imagination expected the happy Messianic period to be ushered in by the war of ________.
Christian eschatologyEschatologyEnd timeGog and Magog

Question 3:
How is Joseph Pulitzer described?
Russian Soldier
American actor, spokesman, and soldier .
American film director, producer and United States Army soldier
Union United States Army soldier

Question 4:

Question 5: The Jews organized schools in various places, at Pressburg (________), Óbuda, Vágújhely (Nové Mesto nad Váhom), and Nagyvárad (Oradea).

Question 6: [1] At that time Karl Lueger, mayor of Vienna created the ________ and Anti-Hungarian nickname Judapest, alluded to high number and percentage of magyarized Jewish population.
The HolocaustJewsRacial antisemitismAntisemitism

Question 7:
Where was Robert Capa born?

Question 8:
How is Edward Teller described?
Nuclear physicist and father of the hydrogen bomb
Australian true crime
American physicist

Question 9:
When did Joseph Pulitzer's term start?
January 1885

Question 10:
When did Harry Houdini die?

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