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Humic acid: Quiz


Question 1: The presence of humic acid in water intended for potable or industrial use can have a significant impact on the treatability of that water and the success of chemical ________ processes.
AntisepticSodium hypochloriteDisinfectantHydrogen peroxide

Question 2: They can also be found in peat, ________, many upland streams, dystrophic lakes and ocean water.
Grid energy storageCoalWind powerHydroelectricity

Question 3: They arise by the microbial degradation of plant (and possibly animal) biomolecules (for example aromatic ________ polymers) dispersed in the environment after the death of living cells.
FungusCell wallBacteriaLignin

Question 4: Their dark color is due partially to quinone structures formed at the environmental ________ conditions and partially to enhanced light absorption by the strictly associated chromophores (Piccolo, 2002).

Question 5: Recent studies using pyrolysis-FIMS and -GC/MS, multidimensional NMR and synchrotron-based spectroscopy have shown that humic substances possess both ________ and aliphatic characteristics.
AromaticityChemical bondConjugated systemCovalent bond


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