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Question 1: ________ are humanoid robots built to aesthetically resemble a human.
GynoidActroidArtificial intelligenceAndroid

Question 2: To sense proximity, humanoid robots can use sonars and ________, or tactile sensors like bump sensors, whiskers (or feelers), capacitive and piezoresistive sensors.
ThermographyThermographic cameraUltravioletTerahertz radiation

Question 3: Humanoid robots are constructed in such a way that they mimic the human body, so they use actuators that perform like ________ and joints, though with a different structure.
TorsoMuscleFasciaHead and neck anatomy

Question 4: A ________ is a device that measures some attribute of the world.

Question 5: Pneumatic actuators operate on the basis of gas ________.
AerodynamicsCompressibilityBernoulli's principleIdeal gas

Question 6: Another important benefit of developing ________ is to understand the human body's biological and mental processes, from the seemingly simple act of walking to the concepts of consciousness and spirituality.
RobotAndroidArtificial intelligenceHumanoid robot

Question 7: Although the initial aim of humanoid research was to build better ________ and prosthesis for human beings, knowledge has been transferred between both disciplines.
OrthoticsAnatomyAnkle-foot orthosisScoliosis

Question 8: ________ sensors sense the position, the orientation and the speed of the humanoid's body and joints.
PainNociceptorProprioceptionNervous system

Question 9: Scientists and specialists from many different fields including engineering, ________, and linguistics combine their efforts to create a robot as human-like as possible.
PsychologyCognitive scienceArtificial intelligenceCognitive psychology

Question 10: Although this approach is used for most of the humanoid robots, a new one is emerging in some research works that use the knowledge acquired on ________.


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