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Question 1: Most commonly, children are expected to be able to swim 200 metres (220 yards) – of which at least 50 ________ (55 yards) on their back – after first falling into deep water and getting their head under water.
10 megametresMetre100 megametres1 decametre

Question 2: Hemorrhaging bites, due to sharks, fish, marine mammals, ________ & marine reptiles.
Nile crocodileCrocodylusDwarf crocodileCrocodile

Question 3: ________ can prevent water from getting in the ears.
Hearing impairmentEarwaxTinnitusEarplug

Question 4: ________ inhalation in relation to swimming pools etc*

Question 5: Butterfly was developed in the 1930s and was at first a variant of ________, until it was accepted as a separate style in 1952.
Amanda BeardJohn HenckenKosuke KitajimaBreaststroke

Question 6: In 1873 John Arthur Trudgen introduced the trudgen to Western swimming competitions, after copying the ________ used by Native Americans.
Matt BiondiFreestyle swimmingFront crawlIan Thorpe

Question 7: Swimming has been part of the modern ________ since inception in 1896.
Women's sportsOlympic GamesNetballRoller derby

Question 8: Along with the other aquatic disciplines of ________, synchronised swimming and water polo, the sport is governed by the Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA).
Greg LouganisTian Liang (diver)Fu MingxiaDiving

Question 9: Due to a British disregard for splashing, Trudgen employed a scissor kick instead of the ________'s flutter kick.
Matt BiondiFreestyle swimmingFront crawlIan Thorpe

Question 10: This may also include airborne insertion into water or exiting a ________ while it is submerged.
Alfa class submarineSubmarineUnited States NavyTorpedo

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