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Question 1: The cytoplasm is released and the protein ________ is inserted.
CollagenKeratin 6ACollagen, type I, alpha 1Keratin

Question 2: Excretion: ________ contains urea, however its concentration is 1/130th that of urine, hence excretion by sweating is at most a secondary function to temperature regulation.

Question 3: Its purpose is to attach the skin to underlying bone and ________ as well as supplying it with blood vessels and nerves.
MuscleTorsoFasciaHead and neck anatomy

Question 4: The areas with least similarity between people in species were the spaces between ________, the spaces between toes, axillae, and umbilical cord stump.

Question 5: [4] Its other functions are insulation, ________ regulation, sensation, synthesis of vitamin D, and the protection of vitamin B folates.
Thermodynamic temperatureTemperatureLightningWater vapor

Question 6: [1] (see: ________) Oily skin products should contain very little natural oils.
Sodium lauryl sulfateSurfactantAmphiphilePerfluorooctanoic acid

Question 7: ________ that are good for remembering the layers of the skin (using "stratum basale" instead of "stratum germinativum"):
Emotion and memoryMnemonicMemoryEidetic memory

Question 8: Individuals with sub-Saharan African ancestry (________) tend towards darker skin, while those of Northern European descent (white people) have paler skin.
RacismMiscegenationAfrican diasporaBlack people

Question 9: It is composed of dense irregular connective tissue, and receives its name from the dense concentration of ________, elastic, and reticular fibers that weave throughout it.
CollagenCollagen, type I, alpha 1KeratinLysyl hydroxylase

Question 10: Storage and synthesis: acts as a storage center for lipids and water, as well as a means of synthesis of vitamin D by action of ________ on certain parts of the skin.
Electromagnetic spectrumUltravioletX-rayVisible spectrum


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