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Question 1: In 2003, the ________ United States Supreme Court decision overturned all such laws in the US.
Roe v. WadeLawrence v. TexasHarry BlackmunWilliam Rehnquist

Question 2: Sexual pleasure is the pleasure a person derives from any kind of sexual activity, most commonly through ________.
Sexual intercourseMasturbationEjaculationOrgasm

Question 3: In some cultures sexual activity is considered acceptable only within ________, although premarital and extramarital sex are universal.
MarriagePolyamoryRomance (love)Family

Question 4: Sexual behaviors that involve contact with the bodily fluids of another person entail risk of transmission of ________ (STDs).
Sexually transmitted diseaseSexual dysfunctionReproductive medicineSafe sex

Question 5: Other aspects of the adult industry include (for example) telephone sex operators, strip clubs, ________ and the like.
PornographyHolographyPhotographyNude photography

Question 6: While his ideas, such as psychosexual development and the ________, have been rejected or labeled obsolete, acknowledging the existence of child sexuality was a milestone.
Electra complexSigmund FreudOedipus complexCarl Jung

Question 7: injury or death during ________ without precautions or with a careless partner
ProstitutionHuman sexualityBDSMErotic spanking

Question 8: [11] ________ also examined child sexuality in his Kinsey Reports.
BisexualityHuman sexualityKinsey (film)Alfred Kinsey

Question 9: For example, sexual activity with a minor and ________ in general are criminal offenses in many jurisdictions.
Sexual abuseSexual assaultProstitutionRape

Question 10: [22] Most offenders who abuse pre-pubescent children are ________,[27][28] however a small percentage do not meet the diagnostic criteria for pedophilia.
Sexual fetishismParaphiliaZoophiliaPedophilia

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