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Human self-reflection: Quiz


Question 1: The dominant world-view of medieval Europe, as directed by the ________, was that human existence is characterized by sin, and that its aim should be to prepare for divine judgement after death.
Pope Gregory ICatholic ChurchPopePope John Paul II

Question 2: Humans consider themselves to be the dominant species on ________ and the most advanced in intelligence and ability to manage their environment.

Question 3: Theories in psychology, like the construction of the ego as suggested in the mirror stage by ________ reminds us about the possibility that self-consciousness and self-reflection may be at least in part a human construction.
Jacques LacanSlavoj ŽižekJacques DerridaJean-Paul Sartre

Question 4: Human self-reflection is the capacity of humans to exercise introspection and the willingness to learn more about our fundamental nature, purpose and ________.
ExistentialismImmanuel KantGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelEssence

Question 5: The current popularity of the ________ amongst the academic disciplines also shows an increased public interest in mankind and its place in the cosmos.
HumanitiesFine artSocial sciencesPerforming arts

Question 6: Human self-reflection is related to the philosophy of consciousness, the topic of awareness, ________ in general and the philosophy of mind.
IdeaConsciousnessHenri BergsonGottfried Leibniz

Question 7: ________, Homo erectus) are believed to also have been adept tool makers and may also have had linguistic skills.
Homo floresiensisHuman evolutionHumanNeanderthal

Question 8: This can be shown in the trend to seek ________ as the panacea to one's emotional woes.
Family therapyCognitive behavioral therapyIntegrative psychotherapyPsychotherapy

Question 9: ________ homo (PIE *kþonyon) means "of the earth, earthling," probably in opposition to "celestial" beings.
Old LatinVulgar LatinLatinRoman Empire

Question 10: Spiritual movements that encourage the reflective arts of prayer and meditation as a practice are on the rise, both as branches of existing religions and as part of more eclectic movements like the ________.
SoulNew AgeRelationship between religion and scienceMysticism


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