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Question 1: Since the late 1970s, excavations of the offerings in the ________, Teotihuacán's Pyramid of the Moon and other archaeological sites have provided physical evidence of human sacrifice among the Mesoamerican peoples.
Templo MayorFederal District buildingsMexico City Metropolitan CathedralZócalo

Question 2: Bartolomé de Las Casas and Sahagún arrived later to ________ but had access to direct testimony, especially of the indigenous people.
MexicoViceroyalty of New SpainSpanish EmpireSpanish East Indies

Question 3: As a comparison, the ________, working 24 hours a day with modern technology, approached but did not equal this pace: it executed about 19,200 a day at its peak.
Treblinka extermination campAction T4Operation ReinhardAuschwitz concentration camp

Question 4: ________ was generally considered the most powerful god, the god of night, sorcery and destiny (the name tezcatlipoca means "smoking mirror", or "obsidian").
QuetzalcoatlAztec religionAztec mythologyTezcatlipoca

Question 5: ________ was the tribal deity of the Mexica and, as such, he represented the character of the Mexica people and was often identified with the sun at the zenith, and with warfare.
ChalchiuhtlicueAztec mythologyHuitzilopochtliAztec religion

Question 6: Some years after the ________, a body of Franciscans confronted the remaining Aztec priesthood and demanded, under threat of death, that they desist from their murderous practice.
Spanish conquest of the Aztec EmpirePre-Columbian MexicoHistory of MexicoViceroyalty of New Spain

Question 7: The first human sacrifice reported in the sources was the sacrifice and skinning of the daughter of the king Cóxcox of Culhuacán; this story is a part of the legend of the foundation of ________.
Mexico CityLake TexcocoMesoamericaTenochtitlan

Question 8: [38][39] Pictorial illustrations of sacrifices on Maya ceramics and ________ have also been published.
British MuseumSteleMegalithMing Dynasty

Question 9: Human sacrifice was an aspect of historical ________ culture/religion, although the extent of the practice is debated by scholars.
Pre-Columbian eraInca EmpireAztecMesoamerican chronology

Question 10: [28] The sacrifice would then be laid on a stone slab by four priests, and his/her abdomen would be sliced open by a fifth priest with a ceremonial knife made of ________.


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