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Question 1: [11][12] According to the ________ the Thuggee cult was responsible for approximately 2,000,000 deaths.
Motorcycle land speed recordLand speed recordWorld recordGuinness World Records

Question 2: According to Pliny the Elder, human sacrifice in ________ was abolished by a senatorial decree in 97 BCE, although by this time the practice had already become so rare that the decree was mostly a symbolic act.
Roman RepublicAncient RomeClassical antiquityRoman Empire

Question 3: Human sacrifice, in the context of religious ritual, still occurs in other traditional religions, for example in muti killings in ________.
Southern AfricaEast AfricaSouth AsiaKenya

Question 4: Some people in ________ are adherents of a set of theistic philosophies called Tantrism (not to be confused with Tantric Buddhism) .
India and the Non-Aligned MovementResearch and Analysis WingLok SabhaIndia

Question 5: According to Diodorus Siculus' account of the ________:[25]

Question 6: Another purpose is ________ from the body parts of the victim.

Question 7: Other scholars believe that, since the Aztecs always tried to intimidate their enemies, it is more likely that they could have inflated the number as a ________ tool.
DisinformationPropagandaAd hominemIndoctrination

Question 8: Victims meant for Esus were ________, those meant for Taranis immolated and those for Teutates drowned.
Capital punishment in the United KingdomCapital punishment in the United StatesCapital punishmentHanging

Question 9: In the 1487 re-consecration of the ________ some estimate that 80,400 prisoners were sacrificed.
Federal District buildingsZócaloMexico City Metropolitan CathedralTemplo Mayor

Question 10: Even if not ostensibly connected with religion, infliction of ________ is often highly ritualised and thus difficult to distinguish from human sacrifice.
Religion and capital punishmentCapital punishmentStoningTorture

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