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Human rights in Afghanistan: Quiz


Question 1: The government has limited freedom of the media by selective crackdowns that invoke ________ and has encouraged self-censorship.
FiqhShariaIslamic ethicsIslamic schools and branches

Question 2: Warlords in the north have used property destruction, rape, and murder to discourage displaced ________ from reclaiming their homes.
PakistanPeshawarAfghanistanPashtun people

Question 3: The Bonn Agreement of 2001 established the Independent Afghan Human Rights Commission to investigate ________ abuses and war crimes.
Reproductive rightsHuman rightsCultureTorture

Question 4: ________ and human trafficking remain common outside Kabul.
MoroccoChild labourChildren's rightsSweatshop

Question 5: Although the offending legislation is said to have been dormant for a year, President Karzai was trying to gain the support of Afghan northern Shia legislators and the neighbouring ________, which is Shia-dominated.
Iran–Iraq WarIranEconomy of IranHistory of Iran

Question 6: Afghanistan's MDG - ________
United Nations Economic and Social CouncilMillennium Development GoalsUnited NationsUnited Nations Development Programme

Question 7: While the ________ were well known for numerous human rights abuses, the post-Taliban government often seems unable or unwilling to protect human rights.
Al-QaedaTalibanAbu SayyafIslamic terrorism

Question 8: Review of Afghanistan by the ________'s Universal Periodic Review, May 7, 2009.
Food and Agriculture OrganizationIsrael, Palestine, and the United NationsUniversal Postal UnionUnited Nations Human Rights Council


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