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Human physical appearance: Quiz


Question 1: Blushing, crying, ________, hiccup, stuttering, sexual arousal, reddening of the skin due to increased blood flow due to exertion.
Vasovagal episodeICD-10 Chapter XVIII: Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findingsPersistent vegetative stateSyncope (medicine)

Question 2: There is a relatively low ________ between human males and females in comparison with other mammals.
PubertySexual differentiationSexual dimorphismHuman physiology

Question 3: decorative objects (jewelry) such as a necklaces, bracelets, rings, ________
ButtonBelly chainEarringSunglasses

Question 4: As for footwear, ________ make a person look taller.
High-heeled footwearCowboy bootBeatle bootsMule (footwear)

Question 5: cosmetics, stage makeup, ________, permanent makeup
Body paintingClothing-optional bike rideNudityNaturism

Question 6: ________, such as body piercings and tattoos
Prince Albert piercingDydoeBody modificationEarring

Question 7: style and colour of haircut (see also mohawk, dreadlocks, braids, ponytail, wig, hairpin, facial hair, ________ and moustache)
BeardAlexander the GreatAncient GreeceGreece

Question 8: ________, including headgear and footwear; some clothes alter or mold the shape of the body (e.g.
Dress codeClothingSilkWool

Question 9: ________, shivering, nose bleeding, skin color changes due to sunshine or frost.

Question 10: Some differences in human appearance are genetic, others are the result of age or disease, and many are the result of personal ________.
AestheticsImmanuel KantBeautyPhysical attractiveness

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