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Human leukocyte antigen: Quiz


Question 1: The human leukocyte antigen system (HLA) is the name of the ________ (MHC) in humans.
Major histocompatibility complexNatural killer cellPhagocyteImmune system

Question 2: This group of genes reside on chromosome 6, and encode cell-surface ________-presenting proteins and many other genes.
Polyclonal B cell responsePhagocyteImmune systemAntigen

Question 3: HLA class III antigens encode components of the ________.
Mannan-binding lectin pathwayComplement systemClassical complement pathwayAlternative complement pathway

Question 4: The peptides are generally small polymers, about 9 ________ in length.
MetabolismAmino acidAmino acid synthesisL-DOPA

Question 5: They may mediate ________ (examples: type I diabetes, coeliac disease).
Immune disorderAutoimmunityAutoimmune diseaseHypersensitivity

Question 6: The superlocus contains a large number of genes related to ________ function in humans.
Toll-like receptorLymphatic systemAdaptive immune systemImmune system

Question 7: IMGT/HLA Sequence Database at ________
BioModels DatabaseEuropean Bioinformatics InstituteWellcome Trust Genome CampusEnsembl

Question 8: This is consistent with a heterozygous or ________ coefficient for these loci.
Polymorphism (biology)Balancing selectionAllele frequencyGene conversion

Question 9: These peptides are produced from digested proteins that are broken down in the ________.
ProteasomeCell nucleusUbiquitinEnzyme

Question 10: In some diseases requiring ________, preimplantation genetic diagnosis may be used to give rise to a sibling with matching HLA, although there are ethical considerations.
Graft-versus-host diseaseHematopoietic stem cell transplantationOrgan transplantImmunosuppressive drug


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