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Question 1:
How do you write Human leg in latin?
ganglia sacralia
spatium retropubicum
membrum inferius
Dioecesis Siedlecensis

Question 2: In human anatomical terms, the leg is the part of the lower limb that lies between the knee and the ankle,[6] the thigh is between the ________ and knee and the term "lower limb" is used to describe the colloquial leg.
Transverse metatarsal ligamentJointHuman legHip

Question 3: The human adoption to bipedalism is not limited to the leg, however, but has also affected the location of the body's center of gravity, the reorganisation of internal organs, and the form and ________ of the trunk.

Question 4: Most of the leg skeleton has bony prominences and margins that can be palpated, notable exceptions being the ________, and the neck and shaft of femur.
HipKneeHuman legLower limb

Question 5: In humans, the double S-shaped ________ acts as a shock-absorber which shifts the weight from the trunk over the load-bearing surface of the feet.
TorsoThoracic vertebraeLumbar vertebraeVertebral column

Question 6: Legs are used for standing, walking, ________, running, kicking, and similar activities, and constitute a significant portion of a person's mass.
GaitTerrestrial locomotionJumpingAnimal locomotion

Question 7: While the capacity to walk upright is not unique to humans, other ________ can only achieve this for short periods and at a great expenditure of energy.
HominidaeMammalPrimateOld World monkey

Question 8: The gracilis arises from near the ________ and is unique among the adductors in that it reaches past the knee to attach on the medial side of the shaft of the tibia, thus acting on two joints.
Lesser sciatic foramenLigamentGreater sciatic foramenPubic symphysis

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