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Question 1: The philosophical school of ________ deals with the ongoing search for ultimate meaning in the human condition.
Friedrich NietzscheExistentialismGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelMonism

Question 2: The term is also used in a metaphysical sense, to describe the joy, terror, humor and other feelings or emotions associated with ________ and existence.

Question 3: One of the largest changes has been the availability of ________, which has changed the sexual lives (and attitudes toward sexuality) of countless humans.
PregnancyCondomBirth controlSafe sex

Question 4: The human condition encompasses the totality of the ________ of being human and living human lives.

Question 5: The human condition is the subject of such fields of study as philosophy, theology, sociology, psychology, ________, demographics, cultural studies, and sociobiology.
Social sciencesSocial anthropologyAnthropologyCulture

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